Compounder Device

8 data transmission per second between the scale and the device

Control and monitoring of the solution volume

Databank for storing retrospective TPN datas

Automated filling using label barcode

Automated, semi-automated and manual mode options

Remote access feature

Solution transfer in volumes of 0.2 ml and above

Reporting error rate for each channel after filling is completed

New and used solution control via barcode matching

Results analysis following the real time gravimetric method after completing the filling process based on the principle of volumetric filling

Minimizing solution losses using scales which function real time with the pump.

Possible congestions or air bubbles are detected by the sensor which gives an alert

EC Certificate assurance

Practical and easy installation

Hızlı TPN reçete girişi

Practical TPN prescription input

TPN filling for neonatal, paediatric and adult patients

1.000 ml/min TPN filling rate using advanced pump

Mixing 20 different solutions via 20 channels in same filling